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Quick to Deploy

We have a number of tools that can be rapidly deployed to create a holistic solution.

Community Based

Many of our solutions leverage the aggregates power of our e-marketplace platform to achieve economies of scale, helping smaller businesses to compete internationally.

Target specific goals

Bespoke solutions can be created to address clearly identified goals.

Build long-term value

Our omni-channel approach means that the solutions we deploy will be integrated and combine the necessary elements of technology, people and process.

A great start for smaller brands with high production costs

Sell B2C

Our expanding network of retail sites enables brands to sell directly to the public in affluent markets, retaining higher margins than with wholesale sales which is particularly necessary in the early development stages when coping with higher costs due to low order volumes.

Prove the market so retailer will want to sell your products


Selling B2C is a great way to establish credibility and prove the market for a product or collection.

Tools to manage resellers and scale your business

Sell B2B

We give brands the tools needed to manage wholesale distribution effectively, empowering them to reach and service an increasing number of resellers.

Benefit from the aggregated community marketing

Community Marketing

When selling on our marketplace platforms all brands benefit from aggregated community based marketing.

Cost saving packages or targeted marketing to achieve your specific goals

Bespoke Marketing

We partner with Fashion Weeks and Trade Shows to offer many cost-effective ways to participate. We also work on an individual basis with brands to help achieve their goals.

We are expanding our showrooms


We offer face-to-face agency representation in certain areas across Northern Europe.


We are now as much a media-content company as we are a design company.

Christopher Bailey - Creative Director - Burberry

There is a natural tension between the luxury industry’s long-term focus and aim for perfection, on one hand, and the short-term trial and error and risk taking necessary for digital development. Designing the perfectly blended approach that combines the high standards of luxury with the agility of digital is the key to unlocking future success.

Get wired for the ultimate luxury - McKinsey & Co

Digital already influences three out of four luxury purchases and will soon impact 99 percent of sales.

Nathalie Remy - McKinsey & Co