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Our Omni-channel approach is holistic and unique


“Omni-channel” is a new cliché which typically means offering customers a fully integrated buying experience, coming from the Latin “omnis” meaning all or universal.

On a technical level, omni-channel is “multi-channel” with a much higher level of integration. However, there is philosophic and strategic dimension which underpins a commitment to an omni-channel approach that involves the co-ordination of people and process.


Making contact with a potential reseller is often viewed as the first step, whereas it should be viewed as one of the last steps in building a sales programme. This is because it is a waste of a substantial investment unless there are mechanisms in place to service the entire forward-ordering and reordering of a product’s life-cycle. These mechanisms also need to promote “quick wins” and support agency sales.


We take omni-channel a step further, so in addition to offering buyers a fully integrated buying experience, our platform also offers vendors a fully integrated selling experience. When accompanied with the services we offer this makes our approach totally unique.

Identify your goals

There is no substitute for this

Get to know you

We understand your achievements and goals before we make recommendations.


Achieve quick wins

We try to implement strategies that start to take effect as quickly as possible.


Build long term value

Through developing a co-ordinated approach to people and process we also build long term value by equipping your brand with the tools and strategy needed to scale and develop.


Develop an integrated approach using our omni-channel toolkit

B2C E-marketplaces

Sell direct to end customers, prove the market and retain high margins. Ultimately this puts a brand in the position where it can achieve economies of scale by placing larger forward orders.

B2B E-marketplaces

Scale by developing and servicing your reseller channel.

Good news travels fast!

Benefit from aggregated community marketing, or implement bespoke projects to achieve particular goals.

face to face
Showrooms and trade shows

We work with international trade shows and fashion weeks and we are building a network of agents and showrooms.